Reverbnation - Rap/ RnB/ Hip-Hop Manchester, UK

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Reverbnation - Rap/ RnB/ Hip-Hop Manchester, UK

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Reverbnation is a hot bed of b-rate talent and amateur artist. Some of the stuff is pretty funny. :) There is raw potential in other talent though. Dallas, Texas where I'm from has over 15 pages of rappers. Manchester only has two pages of rappers, most of the music on Reverbnation from Manchester is rock but the rap artist from Manchester get plays I guess because Manchester is internationally known for music. There is a big difference in style. The UK version is more like EDM with a cleaner production quality. The American version from the south could have been made 15 years ago with the usual 808 and hip-hop drums, tasteless ghetto/ nigga type lyrics. Some of the tracks to the point of distortion/ lo-fi.

Take this Texas artist for example: LINK

The distortion is not intentional. Louder levels = better. :-? :D Sometimes the lowest IQ music you can find is actually good. I'm not trying to be racist when I say that.


Exhibit A: The Reverbnation UK rapper. No American rapper would look like that. Very European.


Exhibit B: The Reverbnation American rapper. The toilet in the background is a nice touch.

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