Graphics and ringtones

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Graphics and ringtones

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On the Virgin Mobile site there is a nifty tool which lets you create your own graphics. I've created an 808 logo. It's basic but it does the job. If anyone is interested the phone number is 09055 607080 and the reference number is 380444. Calls cost £1.00 per minute from a land-line and last approximately 2 minutes. This service is compatible with Nokia phones on all UK networks.
If anyone wants a shot themselves here is the link: ... reator.asp
I was looking for ringtones and found the Carphone Warehouse site. They have ringtones for Pacific and Cobra Bora. You have to register with them before you can order though. Sadly, 808 and 808 related ringtones seem to be few and far between so are difficult to find. So far I have found ringtones for Pacific, Cobra Bora, Cubik, The Only Rhyme That Bites and Voodoo Ray. I see them in flyers in the newspaper and then lose it before I can make a note of the web address. :x :(
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