Sunset 102 - 808 State

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Sunset 102 - 808 State

Post by fnord »

hello there, i found a few mixes from 808 state on sunset102 fm, from 1991 anybody have a tracklisting or can tell me more about these broadcasts.

dont know if there is a ftp for 808 state lovers, but if there is one, i can upload these mixes....

have nice day

smithy 91
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808 on sunset

Post by smithy 91 »

Was a regular listener to 808 on Sunset.

Might be able to help with any track info if you can provide a description or clip.

Sunset was a community radio station for Manchester that ran for a few years from 89 to the early 90's but then fizzled out. Darren & Andrew of 808 had a show on Tuesday nights that was spot-on (and was also smart when they had other commitments and The Mix Factory covered for them).

There was also a decent Hip Hop show, with Leaky Fresh & Owen D, who were big in the Manc Hip Hop scene.

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Post by DaveLee »

the mix factory had a show on sunset 102 on sunday nights (i used to do shouts on there as a 14 yr old scally!!). mike lewis (now known as dj kuta) then took over the show and started playing n-trance and stuff!
sami b's show on a saturday was also cool. the 808 show rocked though...made me late for school every wednesday morning!!!

smithy 91
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Sami B

Post by smithy 91 »

Good shout mate- forgot about Sami B's show. Was always a good start to Saturday night.

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Post by sunnybeswick »

I still believe them were the days!

Late for school because of the mix facory w/ XTC on sunday night, then I had to run home to make sure i didnt miss Dance Energy w/ Normski on monday teatime

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Post by SteveC »

Dance Energy, was the very first CD that I bought, a cool theme tune and it also had Cubik on there, which I was dead chuffed with.

Also remember Mama says knock you out, another class beat.

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