Homelife - Flying Wonders (album - featuring Graham Massey)

Homelife - Flying Wonders [album]

Homelife - Flying Wonders
UK 2002 CDR; Ninja Tunes: ZENCD 71P [Promo CDR]
UK 2002 2xLP; Ninja Tunes: ZEN 71
UK 2002 CD; Ninja Tunes: ZENCD 71

01:25 D.Ex
03:05 Fairweather View
03:37 Mai Beshe Peeinal Dosta
06:23 Seedpod
05:41 Wonderly


16th July 2002.


Flying Wonders
Written by King, Steer, Burnside.
Anthony Burnside: Vocals, Keyboards.
Simon King: Guitars.
Paddy Steer: Bass, Glockenspiel, Banjo, Keyboards, Programming.
Semay Wu: Cellos.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.
Howard Jacobs and Richard Harrison: Percussion.

Written by: Steer, Lowdell, brooks, Wu, Burnside.
Paddy Steer: Bass, Zither, Casio Keyboard, Pro One, Programming, Pedal Steel.
Anthony Burnside: Zither.
Semay Wu: Cellos.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.
Faron Brooks: "yeah ee air ee air ee airs".

Too Fast
Written by: Burnside, Steer.
Seaming To: Vocals, Clarinets.
Anthony Burnside: Guitars, Keyboards.
Paddy Steer: Bass, Bass Harmonica, Glockenspiel, Programming.
Icarus Wilson-Wright: Congas.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.

Try Again
Written by: Burnside, Steer, Lowdell.
Anthony Burnside: Thumb Piano, Casio Keyboard.
Paddy Steer: Double Basses, Guitar, Zither.
Semay Wu: Cello.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.
Howard Jacobs: Snake Skin Drum.
Icarus Wilson Wright: Bongos.
Koteche Macintosh: Pianet.

Written by: Burnside, Steer, lowdell.
Owen Bourne: Trombones.
Sophie hastings: Marimba.
Semay Wu: Cellos.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.
Seaming To: Vocals, Clarinet.
Anthony Burnside: Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Keyboards.
Graham Massey: Synth.
Koteche Macintosh: Pianet.
Icarus Wilson-Wright: Bongos.
Howard Jaccobs: Congas, Metal. Timbales, Cohone.
Paddy Steer: Bass, Pedal Steels, Vocals, Banjos, Percussion, Synth.

Pat Illingworth, and Richard Harrison: Drums.
Graham Massey: Synths.
Credits read by Sally Steer.

3:25 Steps-Tone
Written by: King, Steer.
Simon King: Guitars, Steel Drum, plastic Shark Head, Brushes.
Paddy Steer: Clavinet, Bass, Zither, Corfu Footsteps, Programming, Ukelele.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.
James Ford: Drum Break with Seaming To on bongos recorded in Salford Cathedral.

Fruit Machine
Written by: To, Steer.
Seaming To: Vocals.
Paddy Steer: Ukeleles, Bass, Percussion, Programming, Keyboards, Banjo.
Icarus Wilson-Wright: Congas.
Simon King: Guitar.

Written by: Brooks, King, Steer, Diagram
Faron Brooks: Vocals.
Simon King: Ring Modulated Guitar.
Rosie Lowdell: Violins.
Semay Wu: Cellos.
Andy Diagram: Trumpet.
Paddy Steer: Bass, Steel Drum, Pedal Steels, Programming, Synths, Banjo, Coffee, Cornish Footsteps.
James Ford: Snoring.
Graham Massey: Reeds.

Written by: Steer, Burnside, Massey, Baxter.

Peter Parker: Turntable.
Pat Illingworth: Drum Kit.
Richard Harrison: Percussion.
Howard Jacobs: Congas, Timbales, Metal Bits.
Graham Massey: Ring Modulated Rhodes, Comuter Thingy.
Paddy Steer: More Computer thingies.

Mai Beshe Peeinal Dostra
Written by: King, Steer, Massey, Macintosh, Harrison.

Simon King: Xylophone, Guitars, Percussion.
Richard Harrison: Brushes, Percussion, Text.
Rina Aroyo: Vocals.
Graham Massey: Synthesizers, Trumpet.
Koteche Macintosh: Fuzzed Crazy Organ.
Paddy Steer: Bass, Percussion, Programming, Bass Harmonica.
Rosie Lowdell: Violin.
Semay Wu: Cellos.

Fair-weather View
Written by: Brooks, Steer, Burnside, Massey.

Faron Brooks: Vocals.
Paddy Steer: Double Basses, Zither, Keyboard, Programming.
Graham Massey: Bass Clarinets and Baritone Saxes.
James Ford: Drums.
Anthony Burnside: Guitars, Farfisa Matador 80.

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