808 State discographies index

808 State visual discography. Updated frequently. Includes all 808 State & MC Tunes albums and singles.

808 State production / remix work. Updated frequently. Includes detailed visual discogs of:

  • 808 State Production and Remixes
  • Graham Massey Production and Remixes
  • Andy Barker Production and Remixes
  • Darren Partington Production and Remixes
  • Compilations with exclusive tracks
  • Massonix (Graham Massey)
  • Switzerland (Martin Price)

808 State text discography. Last updated 23 Feb 2000.No longer updated.

Not 808 State. A list of tracks not 808 State related.

Biting Tongues text discography. Last updated 26 October 1998. No longer updated.

Also check news pages of some older releases:

External links:

A Guy Called Gerald (Gerald Simpson). Nick King's Gerald discography. Check out Gerald's early work, some of which was done while he was still in 808 State.

808 State releases @ Discogs.com.

Lazlo Nibble's ZTT Discography. Last updated 11 July 1999. A special shout out to Laz for kicking it all off. No longer updated.

ZTT discography by Joerg Fitzner. Check Diversion (list of all 808 State mixes on ZTT)!