808state live in Cornwall / Eclipse 99
Gig report by Stephen Cade

Managed to get a couple of cheap 3 Day passes on-site (have you tried living in your car for 3 days - torture).

The turnout for the opening day was very poor with bands/DJs playing to a virtually empty hall, it was quite embarrassing.

The attendance didn't improve much for the rest of the week to be honest and all in all it was a bit of a letdown with schedules not being followed. It was also quite obvious that some DJs hadn't bothered to turn up and therefore DJs on-site had to fill in.

Saying that it was 808 that I came to see. As I waited the guy who did the visuals for the Transambient video came over after recognising the T shirt. Apparently it was he who did the visuals for that evenings performance.

808 came on stage at 10.30pm and performed another blinding set which left the crowd totall-IT-y amazed.

The set was the same performance as the last except this time the crowd screamed for an encore which 808 duly supplied.

It seemed to be a re-working of Invader and I presume was the single version of the track, it was very well received.

The sea air had obviously got to Darren as while the opening bars of Quincy was playing he was introducing it as Bonded.

As the venue wasn't at capacity it was quite easy to get a position right at the stage itself, thus prior to Cubik I heard Darren shout "This one's for you mate". People turned and looked at me......did he mean me......surely not.....I think I must have had too much sea air as well.

Eclipse Day was overcast and therefore it could be said that 808state Eclipsed the Eclipse.

The flyer said it would be a "Once in a Lifetime Experience"...........I've been fortunate to see 808 on numerous occasions - first time I've seen the Eclipse though.