808state news archive 2001

31:12:2001 Candyflip

As another year ends it's time to say thanks for your input and support. 2002 promises to be a very exciting 808 year, kicking off with the DVD - including bonus CD - release. I've updated the DVD page as well as the Links page with some online stores. Pre-order the opti buk DVD now!

To see the year off, I've placed the Massey remix of Candyflip's Redhills Road onto the Sounds page. Njoy! All the best in the New Year. Markus.

27:12:2001 Year summary

Here's a short roundup of what 2001 had in stock:

  • Massey remixes of Goldfrapp track 'Human', CD release of Frankie's 'Two Tribes' 808 mix, 'Flow Coma' AFX remix by the Aphex Twin, Massey sounds to the short film 'Shadowscan'.
  • Marriage and son for Andrew Barker.
  • Loss of Adam Mitchell from the message board and Noel 'Dewiz' Cockshutt, aka Mario Campbell.
  • Discussion board contributors page and fan mixes section introduced.
  • The planning and making of an 808State DVD including bonus audio cd (to be released January 2002).
  • Recording of a new album (to be released Spring 2002).
  • One 808 State live gig (Dundee).
26:12:2001 Message to all 808 websters

Thanks for your support over a non-eventful year (well, we've been working hard). Hopefully your patience will be rewarded in 2002. Stuff coming at ya - let's get busy in the New Year! Graham.

10:12:2001 Dundee images

Here are the Dundee images of last month's live gig.

09:12:2001 Unreleased version of Colony on sounds page

An early mix of Colony is on the sounds page now.

06:12:2001 Cream of Manchester to appear on new 808 State album


808 STATE have nearly completed work on their new album and plan to release it next year, NME.COM can reveal.

The Manchester collective, who were pioneers of UK dance music, will release the as-yet-untitled record through Circus Records in early 2002.

Collaborations completed so far include tracks with Guy Garvey of Elbow, Alabama 3 and Simian.
NME.COM understands that a track featuring Ian Brown has also been recorded and may yet emerge on the album, and that they are keen to work with Billy Corgan. Corgan has long been a fan, and this year toured and recorded with Mancunian act New Order.

808 State's last major release was 1996's 'Don Solaris', which included 'Lopez', a collaboration with James Dean Bradfield and Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers.

In the intervening period, the group's Darren Partington has been working with Manchester band Jeep, which also includes former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce, as well as Paul 'Wags' Wagstaff, former lead guitarist with Happy Mondays. (info by JD)

01:12:2001 Name a track competition winner announced / updated 08:12:2001

Out of 80 suggestions the winner is: SOUFLEX by Gary Toshack. Gary's original comment on his submission: "Like Full Nelson, Souflex is also a wrestling move." Graham: "I already had two tunes called Half Nelson and Full Nelson, so I had an empathy with it."

Update for wrestling experts: There are several ways of spelling the wrestling move. Officially it's spelt differently but Graham wants to stick with Souflex.

So now we know one track name of the new album, 'Souflex'. Of course 'Full Nelson' was on the Invader EP. Intrigued about 'Half Nelson'...

30:11:2001 Sounds page updated with Relay live version

Check out a live version of Relay on the Sounds page, taken from a European date of the Don Solaris tour '96.

If you missed Homelife's gig in London (30 Oct) featuring Graham Massey, you can watch it on the BBC Web site (info by Gary). There's also some Magga Stina stuff.

Pictures of the 11 November 808 State live gig in Dundee to follow in the next few days.

The 808 DVD is starting to pop up on UK DVD sites with an expected release date of 21 January (info by SteveC). It definitely looks like a region 2 release. Catalogue number: ZTT002DVD. Priced at around 19 pounds including the bonus CD.

29:10:2001 DVD release date, Homelife news, 808 album release date, 808 live update

Homelife's gig in London (30 Oct) featuring Graham Massey will be recorded for BBC Radio 3 'Mixing It' and broadcasted on the following Sunday 4 November at 23:00 UK time.

The 11 November live gig will take place at the Circus! Nightclub in Dundee, Scotland. It has a 1800 capacity of which around 200 tickets were left last Friday. Tickets (£9) are available through the above Web site, doors open at 21:00 (thanks to Pete for all the info). Graham says that one-off gigs are usually difficult and probably the set list will be the same as in Brixton last year, though they will try to throw in a new track or two if possible.

ZTT have set a release date of 28 January 2002 for the Optibuk DVD.

The new album is now set for an April 2002 release.

25:10:2001 808 State Live!

808 State are playing a one-off gig in Dundee on 11 November! It's the first time in 18 months that 808 play a live date. Details to follow, hopefully...

22:10:2001 Various
Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain Special Edition

Reminder: the 'Name a track' competition closes this Sunday 28 October.

Mute have released a Special Edition CD of Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain album. It contains a bonus remix disc featuring amongst others the Graham Massey Cro-Magnon mix of Human. Catalogue number: LCDSTUMM188.

Simon 'Pob' France was able to retrieve at least the Table Of Contents of the old message board - for his efforts a free Optibuk DVD will be going to him when it comes out.

05:10:2001 Discussion board running again

Discussion board V7 is now running.

02:10:2001 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll

Tired of the same names every year in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll results? How about voting for the 808 State DJs this year. Other suggestions: Chris Cowie, A Guy called Gerald, etc. Access the voting form here. Closing date is 10 October.

No luck for the lost message board postings. Could everyone look in their 'Temporary Internet Files' or 'Cache' folder of their browser and see if there are any html files in there from between 5 and 26 September. I'm especially interested in the index file (table of contents). Thanks. If you can retrieve the files, you will receive a free copy of the upcoming 808 State DVD.

27:09:2001 808state.com server problems

On 25 September our host provider experienced an irreparable electrical problem on the Web server hosting 808state.com. This caused an outage of the site for several hours. Since then they have been trying to restore the site from backup with mixed fortune.

Luckily I did have a copy of the main site locally and I have now reinstated the latest versions of the pages. Unfortunately this does not apply to the message board. The host has only been able to restore it until 5 September so far. Please do not attempt to post any messages on the old discussion board as it is corrupted.

If anyone has a local copy of the V6 discussion board (e.g. downloaded it to view off-line), please let me know! All effort is going into restoring the old discussion board history, before creating a new one.


18:09:2001 Competition update

Some questions have come up about the Name A Track competition. Here's a small FAQ:

Q: Can I enter multiple times?
A: Yes, you can submit more than one title. Obviously it would be simplest if you can submit them all at once, but if you think of another after you've submitted one, that's OK.
Q: Do we get to hear any tracks in advance?
A: No.
Q: Do we have to name the track from the preview clip?
A: No. That was just to get you in the mood.
Q: What's the closing date?
A: 28 October 2001.

Speaking of FrequentlyAskedQuestions, a short FAQ has also been added to the DVD page.

09:09:2001 Name a track for the new album competition!

Our lads have almost finished mixing in the studio and are now waiting on some vocals. 808 have laid down 17 tracks and now it's your opportunity to give one of them a name. Graham Massey: "The most 808 one wins." The prize is obviously to have the track name on the album, plus the winner gets a free copy of the upcoming 808state DVD 'Optibuk'! To enter all you need is your Regulars page in the discussion section. If you don't have one yet, don't despair, you've got time until the end of October to submit one and enter the competition. As usual, send your input to markus. I have added more images of 808 in the studio. Get inspired there for the competition by watching and listening to an exclusive 15 second peek at one of the new tracks in the making.

03:09:2001 Collectors news

Out today: 'Best Behaviour' by Chris Cowie (aka Vegas Soul). It's a collection of his finest productions and features his Vegas Soul remix 2 of 808 State's 'Invader'. According to Bellboy Records "he included it as he liked it so much" and it will appeal to the more seasoned listener. Highly recommended stuff out on double CD (BLCD51) and double vinyl (BLDV51).
Esprit seem to have a rare gem in their catalogue at the moment: The ex:el promo CD which of course has the wonderful catalogue number SAM808...
And finally, Warpmart inform us that the AFX 12" featuring Flow Coma has been repressed with an orange label, instead of the previous white one...

24:08:2001 808 State DVD to include bonus audio CD!
808 dvd

As if to sweeten our wait for the new album expected early next year, 808 State are including a bonus audio CD with the forthcoming 808 DVD release! It includes 8 previously unreleased tracks and will only be available together with the DVD. We can exclusively reveal the sleeve artwork of the DVD which is confirmed to be called Optibuk. For full details such as the bonus CD track details, see the DVD page.

13:08:2001 Frankie
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Twelve Inches

Out now: Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Twelve Inches' double CD, including Two Tribes 808 State remix for the first time on CD. Catalogue number: ZTT176CD.

10:08:2001 Flow Coma fan mix

Not only the Aphex Twin has been playing around with Flow Coma, check out Birthday Boy Rodders' version in the fan mixes section.

08:08:2001 808 State new album news

It's hopefully safe to announce now: There will be a new 808 State album at beginning of next year! 808 have been locked in a recording studio for the past few weeks and have a deadline to finish the studio work by mid-August. Then some tweaking will be done until September. The release date is set for February.

808 are now in the process of selecting vocalists. There's a good chance the vocalist of 'Alabama 3' will be amongst them. Doughty seems a bit doubty now and as for Ian Brown, unlikely. Says Graham: "No vocals as yet so reminds me more of an updated 90."

808 are using a different recording technique (Pro Tools) compared to previous albums and it is yet to be decided how the new tracks could be played live. The release will be on an independent label (Circus) as it currently stands. Markus paid 808 a visit in July at Manchester's Testa-Rossa studios - here are some images.

06:08:2001 808 State goodies to be won on gritted.com
808 slipmat

Underbelly / 808 competition:

Darren Partington is giving away a pair of 808 State slipmats and other goodies at Underbelly (the music division of gritted.com). For one week only they are also showing footage of the 808 DJs in Alicante earlier this year. You will need the latest version of Windows Media player.

30:07:2001 Remix by AFX
2 Remixes by AFX - Flow Coma (AFX Remix)
Out now: '2 Remixes by AFX' on 12" (MEN1) and CD (MEN1CD). MEN records is a sub label of Rephlex records. For those who still don't know yet: Track one is Flow Coma. Warpmart temporarily sold out on the first day of release, they will be getting more copies according to the site. It seems to be widely available from other good record stores too though.
17:07:2001 FGTH Two Tribes 808 remix on CD
Paul of the ZTT mailing list informs us that ZTT (UK) and Repertoire (Germany) are issuing Frankie Goes To Hollywood rare mixes double CDs. Amongst the 18 tracks is the 808 State 1994 remix of Two Tribes, previously only available on very limited blue & red (and one yellow one apparently?!) 10" vinyl. The track listing varies slightly between the German & UK pressings and they sound pretty tasty (no new stuff, only good old vintage mixes)! Out 13 August.
11:07:2001 Acid Jam
A segment of a 1989 rave @ the New Century Hall Manchester featuring 'Let Yourself Go' is now on the sounds page.
The DVD page has been updated with further progress on the 808 DVD. Other updates: Links page, Regulars page, Images section (memorabilia pages). Rodders reports that the short film 'Shadowscan' (music by Massey) will be screened on TV 25 July.
11:06:2001 The good, the bad & the ugly
Not the title of a new cover version, but an update for all of you waiting for an 808 single, album and live dates. Let's start with the ugly: Due to hectic recording work, live dates during the summer have become very unlikely. The bad news is that, due to the good news, there will be no single out this summer. Confused? The good news is that 808 are working hard in the studio recording album material! With some luck we may see an album release later this year. It has to be noted that this is not an official statement, nothing has been signed yet, plans may change. We can only cross our fingers... Disclaimer: In no event shall 808state.com be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages, or any other damages whatsoever, for any use of or reliance on this Web site, or any... etc etc etc.
08:06:2001 exclusive track: Bitches
Unreleased track 'Bitches' has been uploaded to the sounds page. This was recorded at the Wembley Conference Centre in November 1992 (same gig as Repa Repo on StateToState CD).
07:06:2001 More fan mixes and yet another DVD update
Another two fan mixes have been added and more are on their way. To get your mix published, just drop markus a line to arrange it. As a reminder you can always drop him a line too for your own page on the regulars section of the message board.
Good news: The rest of the missing Gmex footage has been found! The DVD will hopefully feature around 15 minutes of gig footage and 15 minutes of studio stuff.
27:05:2001 DVD update
808 have completed the DVD interviews with Paul Morley (who no longer works for ZTT). It looks like this DVD is really going to happen. One of the Gmex Turbo Rave tapes has been recovered so far! The DVD release has been pencilled in for September 2001. So realistically we could be looking at putting it on our Christmas wish list. DVD page has been updated.
22:05:2001 I Love 1993
Graham has been interviewed for 'I Love 1993' (BBC TV). Most questions focused on Bjork. It will be broadcasted sometime this summer.
17:05:2001 ShadowScan
This years BAFTA winning short film ShadowScan, for which Graham Massey did the music, can be viewed with RealVideo in its full 12 minutes exclusively at FilmFour.com. You'll need to register with them to view it. Note that it's not for the faint at heart and doesn't feature a huge amount of music.
16:05:2001 R.I.P. Noel
Noel Cockshutt, aka Mario Campbell is dead. He was found murdered on 8 May, at only 22 years of age. 'Dewiz' performed on 'Primary Rhyming' and danced in the videos 'The Only Rhyme That Bites' and 'Tunes Splits The Atom' back in 1990 with MC Tunes. Rest in peace Noel, from all the original 808 State posse.
15:05:2001 Exclusive Magical Dream
Magical Dream (Spirit Studios mix) MP3 has been added to the sounds section!
10:05:2001 DVD update
Graham has passed on our DVD input to ZTT. Unfortunately it will not be possible to license TV footage (e.g. TOTP). 808 do hope to do some 5.1 surround mixes if ZTT gives them a budget.
05:05:2001 Fan mixes
I've added a fan mixes section to the sounds section.
04:05:2001 Goldfrapp competition winners
It appears the rules were very stringent as only three people entered the competition. Does nobody like vinyl anymore these days? Well, it made the draw pretty simple; the winners are: Pierre Pele, Nick King, and Pat Ingoldsby (That's the second time Pat has won a prize here!). The fact that they all have their birthdays within now and a week makes it even more perfect. I guess I'd better pay for the postage myself then...
28:04:2001 Goldfrapp Human promo competition
Goldfrapp - Human Promo 12"
The Goldfrapp page is now updated with details of the 'Human' promo 12". An 808 State fan at Play It Again Sam (Mute distributor) has kindly supplied three copies of this promo-only item featuring both Massey mixes. To win a copy, send me an e-mail telling me in one sentence why you deserve to win.
Rules: You must be a vinyl lover (and thus own a turntable) and you must be a regular on our message board. If you're not yet a registered regular, you can do so before the competition ends. Final rule: If you win, you'll have to pay for the postage yourself (Sorry but I don't get paid for this job). Last day to enter: Thursday, 3 May. The three winners will be announced on Friday.
27:04:2001 New exclusive MP3 - Qmart
Finally! The Sounds section has been revamped and the first MP3 in another series of exclusive tracks is online in the form of a rough mix of Qmart. Next track to follow is an unreleased mix of Magical Dream!
31:03:2001 808 DVD updated 09:04:2001

ZTT are undertaking an 808State DVD! This is your chance to actively decide on the content. What do you think should be on the 808 DVD and what shouldn't? Who should be interviewed (apart from the band)? Other possibilities include some of 808s own video cam stuff and getting some Gmex Turbo Rave footage on there (if it can be found).

To give you an idea: Previously ZTT released a Frankie Goes To Hollywood DVD ('Hard On'ZTT001DVD) which is over two hours long. As well as the promo video clips, it features 40 minutes of interviews.

Submit your input to the 808 DVD thread on the discussion board.
Update: Discussion now closed. Collection of input can be found on DVD ideas page.

25:03:2001 New discussion board
Fresh discussion board implemented.
22:03:2001 Exclusive tracks!
Graham has been digging in the 808 archives and found a few treasures which will become available in the MP3 sounds section. Expect the first one within a month.
20:03:2001 Studio
808 State are recording in the studio again. More news to follow soon, hopefully...
18:03:2001 Q Mag updated 28:03:2001
The May edition of Q magazine will feature a little interview with 808 and 'Pacific' on the cover CD.  Their Web site Q4music named 'Quadrastate' amongst the twelve "Best Synthesiser Albums Of All Time"! Q Mag will hit UK stores on Friday, 30 March.
09:03:2001 Live
It looks like there's a possibility for gigs around June and 808 will hopefully do some festivals too! As soon as anything gets confirmed it will be mentioned here and on the Live page.
08:03:2001 ShadowScan
Graham Massey did the music to a short film last year called Shadowscan. It won a BAFTA award for Best Short Film last week. It should appear on Film Four or Channel Four at some point.
26:02:2001 Goldfrapp update, updated 09:03:2001
Goldfrapp - Human
Out now: Goldfrapp 'Human' Graham Massey remixes. The Cro-Magnon mix features on the CD, as pointed out earlier. The Neanderthal mix can be found on the 12". According to Graham the mixes were mixed up (no pun intended) and the more dancefloor friendly mix ended up on the CD instead of the 12". Looks like the best bet is the promo 12" which takes in both Massey remixes! Thanks to Smiley and Nick King for the additional info. Full details are on the Goldfrapp page.
19:02:2001 Pacific & Sugizo, updated 27:02:2001& 09:03:2001
Sugizio - Replicant
Almost went unnoticed: Tommy Boy re-released the US Pacific 12" a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mark for confirming this rumour. Update: Seems like 'Cubik' 12" & CD5 have also been re-released. Still awaiting official confirmation. Update: It would seem these are simply re-pressings, rather than re-releases.

Went completely unnoticed: UK label Invader (!) issued a Sugizo remix CD last year. 'Replicant' (INVDCD001) features eleven tracksamongst which 808s remix of 'Next Dimension Beauty'. Not many places list it, but it'savailable from 101cd.com. The original Japanese six track CD 'Replicant Lucifer' (POCH-1642) from '97 still seems to be available from CD Japan.

17:02:2001 Message board members pages
If you regularly visit the 808 message board, there is now a section where you can learn more about the other contributors and introduce yourself to the 808 community.
11:02:2001 Goldfrapp update & Wedding
Goldfrapp CD singles have hit some UK shops, featuring Graham's Cro-Magnon mix. Note that the official release date is not until 26 February. Sound clip on the Goldfrapp page. Presumably Graham's other mix will feature on the 12". Special thanks to Smiley for all the info.

In an unannouncedmove, Andy Barker got married to his long-time girlfriend Mandy sometime during January.Thanks to our undercover agent Livewire for this piece of news.

17:01:2001 T-shirts
The t-shirt page has been updated. If you have contacted Pete regarding 808 t-shirts and haven't heard back from him, please get in touch with him again. His e-mail address has temporarily changed due to a computer crash.
15:01:2001 R.I.P. Adam
After the happy news, follows some sad. 808 State fan Adam from the message board has died. Our thoughts are with his brother Cameron.
09:01:2001 Harvey Barker
Another 808 boy has entered the world: Harvey, son of Andrew Barker.
02:01:2001 Goldfrapp remixes
Graham has remixed the track 'Human' by Goldfrapp. The remixes are called 'Neanderthal' and 'Cro Magnon'. Provisional release date: 26 February through Mute. Alison Goldfrapp previously sang with 808 for a couple of concerts just after Don Solaris and also worked with Orbital and Tricky.
01:01:2001 Happy New Year
2000 was a rather depressing year for the band and fans alike. Only two live 808 appearances were made (Bristol & London) and two 808-related releases (Move & Stone Roses remixes). No regular Radio Show and the Battery Park monthly event fizzled out. 808 have been working intensely on new material to try break through the barrier in 2001. Massey: "It's time to shape up and do it, it's do or die." Happy New Year!