808state news archive 2002

31:12:2002 - review of the year
  • Sainkho Namtchylak 'Stepmother City Remixes', six Massey remixes (2001).
  • Release of the 808 State DVD 'opti buk' including fan CD 'State to State Vol 2'.
  • Production by Graham Massey on Crispy Ambulance CD 'Scissorgun'.
  • 808 State remix of 'Let's Talk Music' by The Black Dog.
  • Massey remix on Spaceheads CD 'Low Pressure'.
  • Release of Homelife's "Flying Wonders" CD & double LP and "Forkbeard Fantasy's Frankenstein" limited soundtrack CD.
  • 808 State albums 'Utd. State 90' and 'ex:el' released in Brazil.
  • Pacific State included on the '24 Hour Party People' soundtrack and re-issued on 12" through Simply Vinyl.
  • Four 808 live dates (Glasgow Colourfest, Manchester G:Percussions, London 93 Feet East, Manchester Ascension). Still looking for images of the London gig.
  • Graham Massey two Toolshed live dates (London & Manchester) and two full tours with Homelife.
  • Unreleased demo version of Graham's "The Modern Things" released on Bjork's box set 'Family Tree'.
  • Long awaited release of the first 808 studio album for 6 years: Outpost Transmission. Available so far on UK CD & double LP and Japanese CD.
  • Graham had a hand in the New Order influences compilation 'Back to mine'.
26:12:2002 - 808 in the media

Lucky Mancs... After the recent Homelife gig and Sunday's 808 album launch show in Manchester, the State are guests on ALL FM 96.9 Manchester tomorrow Friday 27 December during 'Liquid' from 8-10pm. If you live in Greater Manchester tune in and feel free to drop shouts & requests. Les of ALL FM has promised to make a recording available to 808state.com after the show. On New Year's Eve catch the 808 State DJs at Elemental in... Manchester.

January sees another radio appearance, 808 will be guests on XFMs The Rinse on Friday 17 January 2003. The Rinse is presented by James Hyman of MTV fame. XFM is available through the Internet. Thanks to Ian Peel for letting us know.

Speaking of Ian Peel, he has just published a new book. 808, quoting Graham Massey, are featured in The Unknown Paul McCartney! The book traces McCartney's avant-garde musical experiments from the 60s to the present day. According to Ian, chapter 9 is the most detailed history of remix culture ever to be published, which is where Graham is quoted. Other interviewees include Youth, Art of Noise and Nitin Sawhney.

And finally, there is a full page advert for the new album in Flux magazine this month. Thanks Nick.

25:12:2002 Merry Christmas & Competition winner

As promised, the Spirit studios 1989 demo version of Cobra Bora is ready for you to download from the sounds page - Mayday Mayday! While you're visiting, there's a new fan mix of Pacific there too. Have yourself a merry little 808 Christmas.

Outpost Transmission CD competition winner announced: Only four people competed, which probably means all you regular visitors had already bought the CD anyway. Submissions came from Brazil, Canada, Greece and USA all with stories about how hard it is to find 808 State releases in their countries. With 808state.com always advising a place to purchase 808 releases, importing shouldn't be such a problem anymore sure? Well unless you don't own a credit card I suppose. Enough rambling, the winner with the longest rant of how difficult it has been to track down 808 material is Greg Kerkos from Toronto in Canada. Congratulations!

20:12:2002 Gig tickets competition winners & Outpost vinyl

The winners of the 2 x 2 VIP tickets for Sunday's Album launch gig are Andy Currington and Rick & Lia from Chorlton. Congratulations and have fun boys and girls!

Outpost Transmission double vinyl is being sent out now and this is what Graham Massey had to say about it in the forum: "The vinyl sounds better than the CD to me, it has more depth and punch...". Looks like the quality control of Circus / Simply Vinyl was excellent. Buy it! On the subject of Simply Vinyl, it has to be said that the awful-sounding Pacific / Cubik 12" re-issue is not their fault. They were supplied by ZTT with a bad master. Why Simply ever accepted it is a mystery. Only for completists.

17:12:2002 The spirit of Christmas

Get into the spirit, download Massey's 37 minute Christmas 2000 Madness.

Competition time: Win an Outpost Transmission CD courtesy of Circus Records. Before you ask, it's not signed. Send your entry to Markus by Christmas Eve, quoting your full postal address and why you should win it.

As a reminder, you can still win tickets for Sunday's Album Launch Gig in Manchester. Closing date is Thursday 19 December, winners to be announced on 20 December. For details see news entry of 23 October.

To make your day a special one, you'll be able to find the Spirit Studios demo version of Cobra Bora on this site on Xmas Day!

14:12:2002 Forum back

The forum is back, please adjust your bookmarks / favourites to the new URL: https://www.808state.com/forum/index.php.

12:12:2002 Announcement: Site maintenance as of 10pm UK time tonight!

Due to the recent problems with the forum, we are moving it to a new server and are taking the opportunity to move the rest of the 808state site to the same server. Forum posting will be disabled as of 10pm UK time tonight. The URL of the forum will change, but this should be the last time. With some luck the site will be responding again by tomorrow morning, but to be on the safe side expect up to 24 hours outage...

10:12:2002 Forum problems

The problem with the message board is a bit more severe. I have been told it could take another day or two. We'll be moving the whole site to a new server, so expect some more delays.

09:12:2002 Outpost Transmission released

The moment we've been waiting for, 808 State's new album hits UK shops today! First sightings have been reported.

There seems to be a problem with accessing the forum, hopefully this will be solved today.

08:12:2002 Exclusive sounds back

Graham has been dusting the shelves again and this month he unveils an unreleased track called 'Booth' from the Don Solaris era. Check out the full-length mp3 in the sounds section, as usual.

04:12:2002 Outpost Transmission UK double LP ready to order!

The Outpost Transmission double album (160 gram luxury vinyl) became available at Simply Vinyl today! The Outpost Transmission page is being updated regularly, keep an eye on it.

02:12:2002 Outpost Transmission CD out in the UK!

The first people who pre-ordered the UK Outpost Transmission CD through simbiotic received their copy today! The Outpost Transmission page has been updated.

29:11:2002 Homelife
Homelife - Forkbeard Fantasy's Frankenstein

Out now: "Forkbeard Fantasy's Frankenstein" limited release soundtrack album by Homelife, made for a touring theatre piece by Forkbeard Fantasy.

Format: CD, Catalogue number: HL505, Label: Mad Waltz, Distribution: Ninjatune.

18:11:2002 Outpost delay - Siouxsie
The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees'

The UK CD of Outpost Transmission seems to be delayed once more, however it is now available for pre-ordering at simbiotic. It appears that the double vinyl LP will get released on 160 gram luxury vinyl instead of 180 gram super luxury vinyl.

Reported by John McBride: Anyone still seeking 808's hard to find Catatonic Mix of 'Face to Face' can now get it on the special limited 2CD edition of 'The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees' - out now. Please note that it is only available on the second disc of remixes, and is therefore not included in the regular edition.

08:11:2002 Utd. State 90

'Utd. State 90' has been included in Slant magazine's list of the greatest electronic albums of the 20th century.

07:11:2002 Outpost Transmission album released in Japan today!
808 State - Outpost Transmission - Japanese CD

Today the long-awaited new 808 State album 'Outpost Transmission' was officially released in Japan, before any other country. It was already on sale in Tokyo shops such as Tower Records last night. Thanks to Mari for reporting this. The Outpost page has been updated.

05:11:2002 Björk & Graham
Bjork - Family Tree

Out now: Bjork's "Family Tree" limited edition box set containing one CD and five mini-CDs. As reported earlier, one of the mini-CDs ("Beats") contains Graham Massey's previously unreleased demo version of "The Modern Things" and "Karvel". There is also a booklet included with Bjork's favourite lyrics. Amongst them she chose The Modern things and "Headphones", which was written for Massey.

Also out now: Bjork's Greatest Hits CD including Graham's "Army Of Me". For more details on both releases, see the Bjork site bjork.com.

01:11:2002 Vinyl!

The prayers of vinyl lovers have been answered: Outpost Transmission will get a vinyl release after all! It's planned to be pressed through Simply Vinyl on limited edition double 180 gram 'Super Luxury' vinyl. The sleeve artwork is promised to be a hybrid between the sleeves of the promo CD and the regular CD.


Unfortunately for Japanese 808 State fans the Tokyo gig rumoured for December has fallen through.

Apparently the delay of the UK album release is due to sleeve printing issues.

30:10:2002 - 808 on BBC Radio. Updated 31:10:2002

Sorry for the short notice: 808 State will be featured on tonight's show 'The Sequence' on BBC Radio 6 between 19:00 and 22:00 UK time. It also features live sessions tracks from Alabama 3. You can tune in through the Internet. Thanks to Smiley for the info.

Update: The show lasted for about 30 minutes, featuring interviews with Andrew, Darren & Graham between Songs. Tracks played: Pacific, Lemonsoul, Crossword (went down well with listeners) and Suntower. The latest release date for the album now seems to be 18 November...

Update 31October: If you missed the show, you can tune in all week on the BBC 6 archive and listen to the show (Wednesday's Evening Sequence with Tom Robinson). It's three hours long - 808 feature after one hour for 30 minutes. 8:08 pm - 30 October:

808 having a laugh in BBC Radio 6 studios, London.

Radio 6
25:10:2002 Japanese album

It is now confirmed, contrary to previous reports, that the Japanese album will have one bonus track only (Quincy's Lunch) and the sleeve will be the same as the UK pressing. They are shooting for a release date of 7 November, four days ahead of the UK.

23:10:2002 - 808 Competition time / Crispy Ambulance limited tour CD. Updated 24:10:2002

The 808 State live event on 22 December in Manchester is now confirmed and tickets are on sale through ticketweb or by calling 0161 832 1111 in Manchester. If you are feeling lucky, mcr:music are giving away two pairs of VIP guest tickets. To enter, simply name one of the guest vocalists on the 808 State album 'Outpost Transmission' and e-mail your answer to mcr:music. Closing date is 19 December, winners to be announced on 20 December.

Crispy Ambulance are to release a limited tour CD in support of their US tour in November. The CD includes Graham Massey remixes. However according to Graham, the mixes are barely different from the originals. The CD will become available from Insound / Simdisc / Darla around 7 November when the tour begins and is limited to 1'000 pressings.

Outpost Transmission is reviewed in this week's Manchester 'Citylife' magazine. 8 out of 10.

16:10:2002 Outpost Transmission album launch

As a reminder, 808 State are performing an album launch gig this Friday 18 October in London. Circus are giving away a few free tickets to our forum members, if you're quick - see the message board.

The sleeve artwork for Outpost Transmission has been revealed and the latest release date is 11 November.

13:10:2002 Outpost Transmission

The latest slated release date for the 808 album is 4 November, the same as Bjork's releases.

Regular readers will have noticed there was no exclusive MP3 this month. 808 have been pretty busy with press dates. Rest assured, the demo archive service will be back soon.

05:10:2002 BBC

Graham has been interviewed by BBC TV Ceefax (a.k.a. teletext). BBC Radio are doing a one hour long documentary on 808 State. More details awaited.

There's a possibility of a gig in Tokyo in December.

02:10:2002 London live date confirmed

The London show at 93 Feet East on 18 October has been confirmed. Tickets on sale now.

No news about the release date for the 808 album. Bjork's album and boxset are now confirmed for 4 November.

26:09:2002 Record Collector

In October's Record Collector magazine (no. 278) which is out today, Outpost Transmission is listed as number 10 in the 'Pick of the promos':

"808 State - Outpost Transmission (CD-R, stitched card sleeve, decals)......£15. This was going to have a suede cover until cost got in the way - but 808 closing the Commonwealth Games was extra pre-promotion."

Spotted by Nick - thanks.

15:09:2002 Message forum online again

The message forum has been upgraded successfully. There has been a small change to the link (/phpBB/ is now /phpBB2/), so old links and bookmarks won't work anymore.

14:09:2002 Front magazine
Front - October 2002 - 808 State Interview

Front magazine's October edition features a two page 808 interview.

13:09:2002 Message board upgrade

The Forum is closed temporarily while it is upgraded to a new version.

12:09:2002 Outpost Transmission delay

The inevitable has happened, the album release is postponed for two weeks... which would mean 21 October, but don't quote me on that... Incidentally, Bjork's releases seem to be delayed too.

09:09:2002 Live rumours. Updated 12:09:2002

There's rumour of a London show at 93 Feet East in October... Update: Proposed date is Friday 18 October. Another rumour has emerged: Live show in Manchester, date Sunday 22 December. Keep an eye on the live section.

08:09:2002 Exclusive MP3 track of the month

This month's exclusive, unreleased MP3 track is a demo track recorded around 1991/1992 entitled 'Tubs'. Download it in the sounds section.

07:09:2002 New Bjork albums

As if the 808 State album coming out on 7 October wasn't enough, Bjork is releasing two albums on that date too. One of them is a Greatest Hits album which was compiled by votes from fans on her website and features Graham Massey's "Army Of Me". The other is a box set called "Family Tree" containing one standard CD and four mini-CDs. The tracklisting is being kept secret so far at björk.com but we can reveal that it will contain Graham's "Karvel" and the demo version of "The Modern Things" which Bjork and Graham recorded at FON studios.

06:09:2002 Outpost Transmission review in Uncut magazine. Updated 07:09:2002
Uncut - October 2002 - Outpost Transmission Review

Nick King reports that the October edition of 'Uncut' magazine gives the upcoming album 4 out of 5 stars ("excellent"). Alas they were given the working track titles, so when they mention 'Fat German' they actually mean 'Roundbum Mary' and when they talk about Roundbum Mary they actually refer to 'Suntower'. Confused? See the table on the new Outpost Transmission page. Update: Images of promo have been added, thanks to Mark Edon.

02:09:2002 Pacific in Dance charts

808's Pacific on Simply Vinyl has entered the dance top 30 charts at number 19 this week. Thanks to Roland Metzger for spotting it on dotmusic.

28:08:2002 Outpost Transmission release date

Circus Records have confirmed that the UK release date for 'Outpost Transmission' is 7 October 2002. The Japanese album may get released the week before. Hopefully more details to follow here soon.

21:08:2002 Pacific / Cubik re-release
Pacific - Simply Vinyl

Simply Vinyl have released Pacific and Cubik on one piece of superior 125 gram vinyl through S12, their 12" re-issue label for Dance Classics. Catalogue number: S12DJ062. Thanks to Pete for reporting this.

18:08:2002 Martin Price and MC Tunes collaboration

As mentioned in Steve Pacific Reefer's "Sonic Noodle Soup" e-mail zine (issue 2), former 808 State members Martin Price and Nicky Lockett have teamed up for a new collaboration under the name of 'Skrewface'. According to their management the first release is really banging (naturally, ed.) and could be on it's way in a few weeks time. As soon as more details become available you'll read it here.

15:08:2002, updated 28:08:2002

The G:Percussion page is beginning to take shape thanks to John McBride's excellent pictures. Click on the aforementioned link to view a selection of the best, more to follow. Update: Report and more images added. There's a great review at Playlouder.

08:08:2002 - 08:08am

Well, it's the date that comes around only once a year. Time for another exclusive, unreleased mp3 track from the 808 archives. This time it's 'Oasis' from 1994. September will see another early track and October, to tie in with the album release, will feature an alternative version of an Outpost Transmission track!

808's performance at Saturday's capacity G:Percussion festival in Manchester was an immense success and thoroughly enjoyed by all involved and attending. Images to follow as soon as possible.

01:08:2002 - Busy few days ahead, G:Percussion details

A busy few days are ahead, especially for Massey. He is playing live with Homelife tonight at the Twisted Nerve 'White Rabbit' night in Manchester as well as performing a DJ set there. Then on Saturday of course it's the massive G:Percussion with Homelife and 808 State's album launch gig. Sunday sees his birthday and yet another Homelife concert in Manchester.

808 State are joined at the G:Percussion festival by Guy Garvey (vocals) of Elbow, Paddy Steer (bass) of Homelife, Simon Lord (vocals) and James Ford (drums) both of Simian. Unfortunately the Alabamas can't make it. If you don't live in the Manchester area, Galaxy 102 are one of the sponsors of the festivals, whether they will transmit any of it however is unknown.

31:07:2002 - 808 in the press, Homelife on the radio
City Life

The NME reports the tracklist of the upcoming album in their online edition of 29 July. Note that they got hold of working track titles, the correct names were reported here by us back in March. The latest edition (dated 30 July, issue 462) of Manchester listings magazine City Life is dedicated to the G:Percussions festival and features an interview with 808 State by the one and only Richard Hector-Jones. The text is available online by following the above link.

Another article on 808 State can be found in the August edition of FLUX magazine.

In the August edition of Muzik magazine under 'most collectable Gerald Simpson releases', the original 808 Newbuild album is valued at 40 pounds.

Homelife's session at the BBC Maida Vale studios is transmitted tonight on Gilles Peterson's show 'Worldwide'. Tune in on Radio 1 at midnight UK time.

23:07:2002 - Japanese Outpost Transmission CD news

The latest release date for the Japanese edition of 'Outpost Transmission' is now penciled in for 21 August. Bad News Records also claim that it will be released in Japan ahead of any other country. Whether that will happen remains to be seen but for fans there is some very good news: Besides having a different sleeve, the Japanese CD will contain two bonus tracks. The first is "Quincy's Lunch" which was previously only available as a limited edition 7" single and the second is "Doctors and Nurses", previously unreleased.

10:07:2002 - Extra, extra: Outpost Transmission album launch gig!

808 State are happy to announce that they are headlining the G:Percussion festival on Saturday 3 August 2002 at the Castlefield arena in Manchester and have chosen this event to launch their long-awaited new album. 808 are to perform at 11 P.M. and rumour has it they will be joined by guest vocalists featured on the album... The gig is free, tied up with the ending of the Commonwealth Games. Castlefield of course was also the site of Olympic bids featuring 808 State as well as the Don Solaris launch gig. A delighted Graham Massey remarked: "Rock on Tommy!"

08:07:2002 - Exclusive MP3 track of the month

This month's exclusive, unreleased MP3 track is a demo track recorded around 1994/1995 entitled 'Moors'. Download it in the sounds section.

07:07:2002 - Homelife
Homelife - Flying Wonders

Paddy Steer's band Homelife are releasing a new album on 15 July through Ninjatune. It's entitled Flying Wonders and Graham Massey was involved on Saxes, Bass Clarinet, Mini Moog and of course the ultimate of wind instruments - the Pocket Trumpet. The LP has been been made album of the month on Gilles Peterson's Radio 1 show. Listen to two minute clips of the entire album on the Ninjatune site. The release is supported by a ten dates UK tour which Graham will be joining on as many occasions as he can make. Homelife will be part of Coldcut's Solid Steel show on BBC Radio London on Monday 8 July from midnight to 2 AM UK time.

Details: Homelife 'Flying Wonders', UK CD & double album on Ninjatune Records. Catalogue numbers: 2xLP: ZEN 71, CD: ZENCD 71.

20:06:2002 - Glasgow live gig images

Coloursfest images, courtesy of John Ancodia, are up now.

14:06:2002 - Spaceheads remix
Spaceheads - Low Pressure

Out now in the US: Spaceheads album featuring the track 'Storm Force 8' which was remixed by Graham Massey. It can be ordered online through Merge Records at $13.00, postage rates to Europe seem to be reasonable too. In Europe it will be released in about three weeks time through French label Bip-Hop at Euro 15.00 with free postage, but payment isn't as simple as with Merge.

Details: Spaceheads 'Low Pressure', US CD album on Merge Records. Catalogue number: MRG 183 and FR CD album on Bip-Hop Records, Catalogue number Bleep 14.

13:06:2002 - Sainkho Namtchylak remixes
Sainkho Namtchylak

About a year ago Graham Massey produced some remixes for Tuvinian artist Sainkho Namtchylak which he thought had remained unreleased. Eagle-eye Nick King then found out about 'Let the Sunshine' (Slow Heat Mix) on the compilation album 'World Chill 2'. After some intensive research on the Internet, he tracked down a remix album featuring a staggering six Massey mixes of two tracks.

Details: Sainkho Namtchylak 'Stepmother City Remixes', 7-track mini-CD album on Italian label Ponderosa. Catalogue number: ponderosa cd008. Full details on the Sainkho page.

Ordering: Bizarrely, the CD is purely promo in Europe, it was only released officially in Japan. Ponderosa referred us to www.kingrecords.co.jp (no relation to Nick), but they don't seem to have it. Never giving up, we finally hunted it down at www.hmv.co.jp who appear to have it in stock.

12:06:2002 - Exclusive MP3 track of the month

Check out the demo version (instrumental) of Bond recorded in 1994 at studio 101 in the sounds section.

28:05:2002 - Coloursfest live performance

Here are the final details of the Colours festival coming Sunday: 808 State are performing in the Main Arena at midnight. The set will last for one hour allowing for about ten or eleven tracks and 808 will be using a new technique of live playing. Expect all-new versions of classic tracks and about three songs off the upcoming album 'Outpost Transmission'. If you're going to Glasgow, see the live section which has been updated with details of the venue.

Coming up next week:

  • Details of two remix productions Graham has been involved with
  • Exclusive MP3 track of the month (Bond demo)
  • Glasgow gig report (if anyone can remember).
14:05:2002 - 808 preparing for Coloursfest

808 are in the studio this week working on the set for the Glasgow Colours festival taking place on 2 June. The plan is to play nine tracks of which probably three or four new tunes and different versions of old stuff.

08:05:2002 - Exclusive track of the month

This month's exclusive track in the sounds section is 'Strata / Cirrus'. Next month's feature will be a 1994 demo version of Bond.

02:05:2002 - Album release date update

Unfortunately the release date of Outpost Transmission(s?) has been pushed back to September as it is taking longer than anticipated to set up licensing. Obviously 808state are disappointed about the situation too. What does this mean for live dates? According to Graham there could still be a London show in June or July and possibly some European dates over August.

09:04:2002 - Out now
The Black Dog & Black Sifichi - Mental Health Hotline
Out now (1): 'Scissorgun' by Crispy Ambulance, produced by Graham Massey. Order through Darla Records in North America (catalogue number DRL-126) or LTM Publishing in Europe (LTMCD 2329). The sleeve artwork has been changed slightly compared to the earlier preview. Update: The album was recorded at Testa-Rossa studio, the same as used by 808 State for the upcoming album. Crispy Ambulance page with images added.

Out now (2): The '24 Hour Party People' soundtrack through London Records (Cat 0927449302) featuring 808 State's Pacific State.

Out now (3): The Black Dog & Black Sifichi 12" (Cat DUKE103 DJV) featuring Mental Health Hotline (CJ Bolland Remix) and Let's Talk Music (808 State Remix). If you haven't ordered it yet, do so now through HydrogenDukebox, it's going to be rare as hens' teeth. Black Dog page with images added.

08:04:2002 - Exclusive track of the month

This month's exclusive archive track in the sounds section is Gimme Shelter recorded live at On Air Tokyo during the Gorgeous world tour in 1993. Hear the Rolling Stones cover in a version featuring Rachel McFarlane (pictured) and Barrington Stuart (both of 10x10 fame) on vocals.

Next month's track will be Strata/Cirrus, an unreleased tune of 1994.

06:04:2002 - Live date announced / updated 09:04:2002.

808 State are to appear at the Coloursfest Dance Festival in Glasgow on Sunday 2 June. Details of ticket availability are being added to the live section as they become available.

16:03:2002 - New 808 State album details revealed! Updated 06:04:2002.

Finally the silence is broken: 808 State reveal the name of the forthcoming album on Circus Recordings: OUTPOST TRANSMISSION. The record has been cut and spans 68 minutes across 14 tracks. So far 22 May is a possible release date for the UK. The Japanese release has been pushed back to 19 June. The Japanese CD is rumoured to have a bonus track. The tracklisting is as follows (808 reserve the right to change their minds):

01 606

The album release will be supported by live gigs in May or June. London, Manchester and Glasgow have been mentioned as possibilities. Obviously as soon as anything gets confirmed, you'll read it here.

On this day in history (16 Mar 1991): 808 State held Turborave at sold out Manchester GMex (11'000+). To relive 808 at their heights, watch the opti buk dvd.

15:03:2002 - Graham Massey Toolshed dates announced

Graham and his Toolshed outfit are playing two live dates in May. They are teaming up with Jah Wobble at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on 2 May. Then on 3 May in Manchester at the Contact theatre as part of the Sensurround festival (a collaboration with a video maker from Bombay). An 808 album track has been sent off to Bombay to be mixed by classical musicians as part of the same festival. The live page has been updated.

14:03:2002 - 24 Hour Party People movie soundtrack tracklisting

The NME has confirmed the 24 Hour Party People tracklisting as follows:

  • Sex Pistols - 'Anarchy In the UK'
  • Happy Mondays - '24 Hour Party People' (Jon Carter Mix)
  • Joy Division - 'Transmission'
  • The Buzzcocks - 'Ever Fallen In Love'
  • The Clash - 'Janie Jones'
  • Moby/New Order - 'New Dawn Fades'
  • Joy Division - 'Atmosphere'
  • Durutti Column - 'Otis'
  • A Guy Called Gerald - 'Voodoo Ray'
  • New Order - 'Temptation'
  • Happy Mondays - 'Loose Fit'
  • 808 State - 'Pacific State'
  • New Order - 'Blue Monday'
  • Marshall Jefferson - 'Move Your Body'
  • Joy Division - 'She's Lost Control'
  • Happy Mondays - 'Hallelujah' (Club Mix)
  • New Order - 'Here To Stay'
  • Joy Division - 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'

With the street date now set to 8 April, this means there are three 808-related releases due out on that date: 24 Hour Party People soundtrack, Crispy Ambulance Scissorgun album and Black Dog 808 State remixes 12".

11:03:2002 - Marathon demo

This month's track from the 808 vaults is 'Marathon'. Listen to the 1994 demo version with recent bass trombone and ray gun overdubs on the sounds page. Next month's track is certainly also something to look forward to: Gimme Shelter live in Tokyo!

03:03:2002 - 808 Stadio Radio Show

Starting at the end of May, the 808 State Radio Show returns to the airwaves. The temporary Manchester station called 'Pure Radio' will be broadcasting the show on Friday evenings between 19:00 and 21:00 hours UK time.

01:03:2002 Crispy Ambulance

crispy ambulance

The sleeve artwork of the forthcoming Crispy Ambulance album, titled 'Scissorgun' has been revealed. The ten studio tracks were produced by long-term band associate Graham Massey. Style of music: Post-punk. Scissorgun is due to be released on 8 April via Darla Records in North America (catalogue number DRL-126) and LTM Publishing in Europe (LTMCD 2329).
28:02:2002 Black Dog. Updated 14:03:2002

HydrogenDukebox have kindly provided me with advance copy of the Black Dog remix by 808state. Taken from the upcoming Black Dog album, this first set of remixes (also featuring CJ Bolland) is clearly targeted at the dancefloor public. The 808 reworking features various 808 trademarks and could be described as dark and brooding. It is roughly divided into three parts, starting off with Black Sifichi reciting "Numata - Somata" (I think). These remain the only two lyrics, popping up at various intervals. After a while the track takes off into a pounding techno beat for a short while, before synths and lyrics flow back in. I thoroughly enjoyed the record, definitely recommended. It will be interesting to compare it to the original version and it's got me longing to hear the next set of mixes by Beloved, Jimmy Cauty and Gerald Simpson...

Full details: The Black Dog & Black Sifichi: CJ Bolland/808 State Remixes. Side 01: Mental Health Hotline (CJ Bolland Remix), Side 02: Let's Talk Music (808 State Remix). Track length: 5:47 (original is 3:51). Label: HydrogenDukebox. Catalogue number: DUKE103, promo catalogue number: DUKE103 DJV. Note: This is a vinyl-only release, while the Black Dog album 'Unsavoury Products' will be CD-only. The promo should be out next week and the commercial release on 8 April.

27:02:2002 - 24 Hour Party People movie soundtrack. Updated 10:03:2002

808 State are to be included on the '24 Hour Party People' soundtrack. The movie about the rise and fall of Factory Records and the Madchester scene hits UK cinemas on 5 April. Although 'Pacific' has been used on countless compilations, this is one album it should be on. Previous Haçienda compilations didn't include the track, seemingly forgetting what a seminal record it was for the club.

Graham Massey in 'The Haçienda Must Be Built!' book: "I remember me and (A Guy Called) Gerald used to spend all day in the studio, make a tape, jump in a taxi, go down the Haçienda and be able to get played a twenty minute track we'd just done. That seemed really exciting at the time because that interactive culture is dead rare now. 'Pacific State' was played off cassette down there for weeks before we got the acetates - the first time it was played was quite terrifying, waiting to see if people were going to go for it or not."

Graham in the Björk book 'Post': "Another anthem was our 'Pacific State'. It had been the last record of the evening at the Haçienda for two years before it became such a hit. And it wasn't just a hit record, it was a culturally important record."

Sadly, probably no 808 State footage is used in the film itself (at least it wasn't featured in the early cut the band saw in November). According to the 24 Hour Party People site, over 120 hours of footage was shot for the movie, so a lot of material ended up on the cutting room floor. Maybe some of it could be included in the 'deleted scenes' section of a forthcoming DVD?

The '24 Hour Party People' soundtrack is due for release on April 8 through London Records.

08:02:2002 Minton

It's the 8th of the month, time for another exclusive track. See the sounds section for 'Minton'. The track for March will be 'Marathon'.

04:02:2002 Brazilian release for 'Utd. State 90' and 'ex:el' albums - updated 10:02:2002

Sum Records are releasing the classic 808 State albums 'Utd. State 90' and 'ex:el' in Brazil. On Friday 1 February 2002 Folha de São Paulo, the biggest and most influential newspaper in Brazil, featured an article on 808 State including an interview with Graham. Peter Zarustica - our man in Brazil - has translated the article, see the press articles section for full details.

28:01:2002 DVD released today - updated 02:02:2002
808 dvd

The 808 State DVD opti buk including audio cd album 'State to State Vol 2' was released today.

Update 02:02:02: It seems there are some distribution problems with the DVD and many stores are not carrying it until mid-February or indeed end of February. The best advice for the moment is to order it directly from the ZTT store (£19.00, world-wide postage included).

26:01:2002 DVD / exclusive Bombadin

ZTT have confirmed that the release date for the opti buk dvd with bonus audio cd is still this Monday 28 January 2002, as planned.

Check the exclusive sounds section for an mp3 of the original industrial demo of Bombadin now. Next month's mp3: Minton.

24:01:2002 Black Dog / Crispy Ambulance / Elbow / DVD / Homelife / Bombadin

Loads of news today (for even more info click on the external links which open in separate windows):

808 are remixing The Black Dog track 'Let's Talk Music' taken from their forthcoming LP 'Unsavoury Products', due for release in March 2002 on Hydrogen Dukebox. The 808 State remix will be on vinyl format (one of two club vinyl releases) which will include remixes by CJ Bolland, Jimmy Cauty (of The KLF) and A Guy Called Gerald...

Graham will be manning the desk for a new Crispy Ambulance studio album titled 'Scissorgun' over the next couple of weeks. Expect it to sound exactly like old Crispy Ambulance (The Plateau Phase) as Graham will be employing only early eighties production techniques in a special dedication to Martin Hannett (i.e. going down the pub). According to Graham he has been working with the Crispy for 25 years now! The album should be released in April or May by Darla Records in the USA and LTM Publishing in Europe (more LTM info on the excellent Crépuscule and Factory site by Frank Brinkhuis). The release will be supported by some selected live dates.

Guy Garvey of Elbow is finally in the studio with 808 and they are also tweaking final mixes on the new album.

Confusion reigns over the release date of the opti buk dvd / state to state vol 2 cd, as many online dvd stores have moved the date to 28 February. Your genial host still thinks it's 28 January but is checking with ZTT to confirm.

Homelife are playing the LOWRY on Sunday 27 January along side John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Bill Wyman for charity (MAG campaign against land mines).

And finally, if you're still reading, you shall be rewarded with an mp3 of the original industrial demo of Bombadin this weekend.

16:01:2002 DVD update

Not long to go now, advance copies of the OPTI BUK DVD were shipped out on Monday. Ian Peel, who will be reviewing the DVD in DJ magazine # 308, informs us that the DVD plays in regions 2 - 6. Even if you do not yet own a DVD player, it's well worth getting this double pack, as it includes the audio CD 'State To State, Vol. 2' featuring eight unreleased tracks. ZTT even claim it's a Limited Edition DVD, so get your orders in now. From ztt.com:

ZTT are pleased to announce the release of the first ever 808state DVD on the 28th January. Entitled "Opti Buk", this Limited Edition DVD and CD Delux Double Pack is the ultimate resource for 808 fans old and new...

11:01:2002 Finitribe

Happy New Year! To start it off, let's go back to 1990 when Massey remixed Finitribe's '101'. Check the Sounds page for an unreleased edit by Graham. These are the versions that did get released in 1991 on One Little Indian: On 12" 54TP12L, Graham's 303-3D bass version and Graham's 303-3D bass edit and on CD 54TP7CD the 303-3D bass edit. Pretty hard to find these days...