808state news archive 1999

Happy New Year and enjoy Relay MP3 on sounds page. 808 will be back in a large way in 808:2000!
25:12:99 Merry Christmas from 808 State / updated 29:12:99

Starting in January there will be a new 808 club night 'Battery Park' on the last Friday of each month. Location: The Music Box on Oxford Rd, Manchester. First night will feature all three of 808 dj-ing and guest DJs Headdrillers.

As promised: Sounds page features an exclusive live version of Spanish Marching in RealAudio format. MP3 added too. To ring out the old year there will be another exclusive track on the Sounds page very soon.

Quiet on the 808 front. In the meantime check out six hours of new 808 radio madness on the sounds page. Coming there for Christmas: Exclusive live version of Spanish Marching.


808 are featured on the front cover of weekly dance magazine "7" this week. This is a UK publication by the makers of Mixmag. Includes interview promoting Invader.
Here's the official Bellboy statement on the slack distribution of Invader. To cheer you up - check out the Sounds page for an exclusive Cobra Bora live version!
Graham Massey is playing a special multimedia gig in Manchester on 3 December with a 30-piece big band. Graham: "It's going to rock, I'm very excited about it!" It will be a double-bill as afterwards he's playing at his resident Toolshed night. The 808 DJs are spinning in Spain that weekend. Details of all the above in the live section.
22:11:99 Invader
Official highstreet release delayed again. In the meantime here are some Invader details. If you don't want to wait forever, some of the stores on the links page have got the 12" or 12" promo. These guys definitely have the 12" and CD single, but they don't come cheap.
As you guessed Invader was delayed once again but should now finally be released officially on Monday, 22 November - we hope.
JEEP - The Curse EP
808 have been in the studio again, this time recording four very club orientated tracks for a one-off club label release. No news yet as to which label might pick it up. Monday sees the release of Darren's side project 'Jeep' - entitled the Curse EP.
19:10:99 Invader competition results
14 people wrote in, 13 were correct. The answer: Invader was previously known as SW1 and Theme of Made in Manchester. And the winners are... Kieron Horan, Pete Baker (Petetigger) and Ron Qua. Congratulations!
14:10:99 Let yourself go & Radio show archive
Warp Influences
Warp Influences double CD out now including Let yourself go. Some 1998 Radio Shows that were thought to be lost have been retrieved and you can listen to the first one on the sounds page. Look forward to regular updates to the sounds section between now and the end of the millenium.
09:10:99 Invader competition
We've got three copies of the official 12" of Invader to give away, courtesy of Bellboy Records. All you have to do is tell us two names that Invader was previously called (the answers are on this page...). Send your answers to 808@808state.com by 17th October.
05:10:99 Invader
Invader official UK release date now 8 November. However these guys are already have 12" copies in stock...
02:10:99 Eclipse photos
Cornwall Eclipse images added to the images section.
26:09:99 Hit-Squad M/cr
Hit Squad M/cr white label promo-only 12"
The first recording with all original members of 808 State is probably the hardest-to-find 808 item. Only 500 copies of the Hit Squad M/cr white label promo-only 12" emerged back in 1988. Now, eleven years on, a few of those copies have surfaced Stateside. This is a rare opportunity to own a unplayed, mint copy of this record which was once valued at 80 pounds by Record Collector magazine. You can now secure a copy for the very reasonable price of US $50 including shipping to anywhere in the world. To order, contact Jeff at and tell him 808 sent ya. Soundclip.
The release date for Invader has been put back again because of some promotional problems. Hook / Bellboy can't confirm a new date yet, but will let us know a.s.a.p. It is confirmed though that Full Nelson will be used on the CD single.
20:09:99 *808state return to the radio*

The 808state radio show with Andy & Darren returns to the Manchester airwaves temporarily on Citylife FM on 87.7 FM (Radio Regen). Show kicks off on Wednesday night 9 till 11. Graham also has a show on Thursdays 9 till 11 on the same station.

A second track is being added to the CD release of Invader called Full Nelson. This track isn't new.

Homelife - Unknown EP (Bus Brakes)

Graham is playing in Homelife, Paddy Steer's (808s live bassman) new group. Paddy has had two albums out on his own label. Graham plays wind instruments on the second one called 'Cho Cho' and also on the new EP 'Bus brakes' out on Justin Robertson's new label Master detective. Homelife play their first gig on 30 September at Planet K.

On November 5th legendary Manchester Factory band Crispy Ambulance will reform for one gig only! Also see live page.

Theres a new book out now on Manchester's musical history from the last century to the present day. It's called Manchester, England by Dave Haslam and has some 808 related stuff in it.


New release date for Invader: 4 October.

New DJ dates announced in live section.

New MP3 files to follow before the end of the year.


This Saturday (21 Aug) it's finally 808's slot on UK TV programme Transambient showing 'Macrobiotic' by Visual Cortex and 808 State which of course features 'Flutronic', remixed by Graham Massey, as if you didn't know by now. Kick-off: 04:15 on Channel 4. Make sure your video recorder is set!

The 808 DJs will be hitting Cologne that night - see live section.


The AA side of Invader will feature two remixes by Vegas Soul. Formats will be 12" & CD single.

The September edition of UK CD-ROM-only magazine 'Mixology' also features a snip of the Macrobiotic / Flutronic video.

Anon have released a hardcore version of Pacific, entitled 808 Bait - available through Juno records (see links page) if you like that sort of stuff... If you're a lover of serious quality cover-versions check out the Acid Brass CD by the Williams Fairey Band (see links page). A collection of top Acid House tunes played by a Brass band. The Live album is now sold out, but Acid Brass is still available and features amongst others Pacific, Cubik & Gerald's Voodoo Ray.

1 Aug 99

Flutronic out now on Transambient soundtrack. Also out now: September issue of Future Music magazine UK which features a short movie snip of the 808 State / Visual Cortex: Macrobiotic / Flutronic video - thanks for the info Chris.

Warp records are to include 808s 'Let yourself go' on a forthcoming compilation of influential tracks - name: Influences.

808 are doing something for a CD-ROM - no further details for the moment.

26 Jul 99 ***Invader***
Invader out 13 September on Bellboy. Info thanks to JD - our man in Scotland.
25 Jul 99 journey to the centre of the beat
Transambient soundtrack including 'Flutronic' by 808state out on the Truelove label on 2 August. Order through their webpage.
9 Jul 99

Invader now to be released on Hook sister record label 'Bellboy Records'. Release date to be confirmed. Check out a Real Audio sound snip on their web site.

808 State Jockey Slut t-shirt can now be ordered through the order form.

6 Jul 99

The CD soundtrack of Transambient is now confirmed. It will include the 808 track 'Flutronic' and is to be released through Truelove Records around the beginning of August.

Jockey Slut t-shirt images here. Order form to follow.

1 Jul 99 (updated 2 Jul)

Transambient TV kicks off on 10 July at around 01:15 (11 July actually then). The 808 track called Flutronic will be featured in the last episode which gets aired on 21 August. Full details now on the special 808 transambient page. Check out images in the images section. AddictiveTV are finalising details of a Transambient soundtrack with Truelove Records - this isn't 100% confirmed yet.

Transambient web site now online including MP3 snip of Flutronic! The site mentiones a double CD soundtrack - so that sounds promising...

30 Jun 99
We have reached 1 Million hits on this site in less than two years. Thanks, 808state fans!
18 Jun 99

Transambient is the name of a chillout TV series produced by 'Addictive TV' to be shown in the UK on Channel 4 which includes a new 12-minute track by 808 State mixed for the show by Graham Massey. The show kicks off on Saturday 10 July late and continues the following six Saturdays.

Jockey Slut magazine's clothing line pay homage to its acid house mentors by launching an 'Acid house heroes' t-shirt range. It includes an 808 State t-shirt which sports a picture of the band in 1990. See Jockey Slut magazine June/July edition. Full details to follow very soon.

Eclipse 99 in Cornwall will be going ahead at Carlyon Bay's Coliseum venue which has an indoor entertainment licence. The festival will run from 9 - 13 August and 808 State will be headlining on the 10th and the Happy Mondays on the 11th. Also see live section, which has been updated with several 808 DJ dates.

2 Jun 99

The lads have returned from their Los Angeles gig to play some more dates in the UK. See the live section for details. The Cornwall gig has been advertised in NME with headliners Happy Mondays & 808 State, so has been confirmed as such. However quoting Graham "anything might happen yet" (licence).

The American Newbuild release is just a distribution of the UK album, so not an actual US pressing. This explains the rather high (import) price for the Newbuild album in the US.

20 May 99
808 State have been in the studio putting down some new tracks! Keep your fingers crossed that a record company will like it.
15 May 99 Various / updated
  • June UK gig dates have been announced - see new 808 State live section.
  • Under Cover Music Germany have licensed the 808:88:98 album for Germany, Austria & Switzerland. They will be calling it 808:88:2000.
  • Gig rumours for July / August: 808 State live Cornwall (unconfirmed), Kickzone Cologne (808 DJs). Graham's Toolshed Allstars at Buxton All Day Music Festival and 808 DJ's at Motion Dance Open Air in Switzerland. For more details see new live section.
  • SW1 aka Theme from Made in Manchester will now be called Invader.
  • 808state radio show off the air in Manchester but Daz & Andy DJ'ing weekly at the Boardwalk.
  • Darren has been producing a project called Prana with MC Teabag.
  • Graham's Toolshed dates: 8 May -Squarepusher at Upper Campfield Market Manchester, 19 May - Jazzanova, 16 June - Jazzfudge feat DJ Vadim.
  • US Newbuild officially out now, apparently with some distribution problems though.
Los Angeles gig details
SoundView Entertainment Presents: Urban Phenomenon Saturday May 29th, 1999 7:30pm - 5am Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

808 State, Atomic Babies, Kenny Larkin, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Felix Da Housecat, Doc Martin (??), Brand Nubian, RUN DMC, X-Ecutioners, DJ Spooky, Mixmaster Mike, Mark Luv, Pascal, Darren J, Shy fX, Heretic, Raymond Roker, Machete, On Point, Geoff Da'Chef, Omen, MC Rage & Placid K, Ron D Core.

Info: 213.673.3910, 714.808.0312, 909.274.7205, 619.338.8575. Tickets go on sale April 17th. $28.50 presale and $32.50 day of event. Tickets available through TicketMaster 213.480.3232. Info supplied by Kathryn - thanks!

19:04:99 Newbuild!
The Newbuild album is finally confirmed for a 19 April UK release. This is a straight re-release of the long deleted 1988 LP. It will be available on CD for the first time and the vinyl will be coming in a triple (!) pack - another first. USA news: Both will also be released in the US on 4 May through EFA records / Caroline distribution. Newbuild will be followed by a remix single (a remix each by Graham, Gerald, Martin & Richard D James) which has been put back to September due to the busy schedule of the Aphex Twin. More Newbuild details.

An 808 State concert in Los Angeles is confirmed for 29th May. It is part of a festival and will be the only appearance of 808 on this visit.

Another one-off single is on it's way, this time on Hook records. The title is unconfirmed but the track is known as SW1 (from live appearances) or Theme from Made in Manchester (UK TV programme).

24:03:99 Discussion board
The new discussion board is running.
MC Tunes / 808 State - The Only Rhyme That Bites b/w Bombadin and Cubik
The Only Rhyme That Bites b/w Bombadin and Cubik released now.
February / March / April:99

The Newbuild re-release production stage is now completed. The classic has been remastered and will be released as gatefold double 12 inch vinyl with new sleeve notes and pics - Promos due shortly.

808 DJs:

Feb 26: Sailsbury
Mar 5: Leeds

Massey's Toolshed:

Mar 17: Manchester, Band on the Wall featuring RadioBoy (Matt Herbert)
Apr 14: Manchester, Band on the Wall

808 DJs:

Mar 18 - 20: Ireland
April 2: Leeds
Apr 22: Oxford
Apr 24: Ireland

808 State have been working with Ian Brown (ex Stone Roses). Massey's monthly Toolshed in Manchester has now moved to Band on the Wall.
January / February:99

808 DJs performing:

Jan 23 Up your Ronson in Leeds
Jan 28 Done & Dusted in Manchester
Jan 29 PtangyangKipperbang...Yeah! in Cardiff
Feb 04 Done & Dusted in Macclesfield
Feb 11 Done & Dusted in Manchester

Quincy's Lunch
MC Tunes vs 808 State - The Only Rhyme That Bites 99 / Bombadin
Planet Electrica - Protection

Out now:

Quincy's Lunch limited edition 7" vinyl on Slut Smalls label, SMALL 002.
The Only Rhyme That Bites / Bombadin remix promos on ZTT.
Planet Electrica 'Protection' Hurricane Disaster Relief double CD on ELF featuring Baton Rouge.

Early New Year should see these releases: Baton Rouge on Hurricane Mitch charity double CD 'Protection', Quincy 7", Bombadin and Only Rhyme remixes, Newbuild re-release.